2005 Illig UA 225


2005 Illig UA 225


Make: Illig

Model: UA 225 ED

Year: 2005 (Original Frame: 1990)

Condition: Excellent

Max Sheet Size: 2315 x 1325 mm

Max Mould Size: 2200 x 1200 mm

Depth of Draw: 700 mm

with Auto Sheet Loader

- SIEMENS control director open and modifiable application (flexible compared to the ILLIG application which is blocked by the manufacturer)

- Pneumatic upper and lower table managed by the Siemens control and stored in a program with proportional adjustment (possibility of adjustment from 10% to 95% of the speeds) 

- Vacuum and bubbling regulation by proportional valve with possibility of storage in the part program)

- Energy saving upper and lower heating resistors HTS (ELSTEIN)

- Heater management by SIEMENS control (memorizable in the part program) with MULTIBA HC block interfaces.

- Upper heater 7 pilot emitters and resistors independently adjustable on each pilot

- Lower heater 7 pilot emitters and resistances adjustable according to zones

- All parameters are saved on the room programs: easy to use.

All details are subject to change and/or errors.


ModelUA 225