2001 OMV Inline Extruder



Extruder 1- Main extruder

diameter: 80mm

L/D: 3200mm / 34D

Degassing: no – although I do believe there is a venting option available, however we never used it in either PS/PP materials

Motor type: DC

Extruder -2- co extruder

diameter: 45mm

L/D: not sure

Degassing: NO

Motor type: DC


Roll Width: 1000mm

Diameter roll 1: top roller 269mm

Diameter roll 2: middle roller 350mm

Diameter roll 3:bottom roller 350mm

Motor type: Servo? DC

Each roller speed adjustable? Yes

 - Output at certain thickness (output examples) 

Maximum we made – 600mm wide x 2.2mm thick, can make wider and thicker

Some examples 520mm x 1.4mm at line speed 4.5mtrs/min……550mm x 1.6mm at line speed 3.8mtrs/min

250kg (300kg with co extruder) (kg/hr) rough indication

 - Manuals available? Yes

 - Is the controller program available? Spare operating control screen available. Controller programs are held by supplier

 - How long has it been disconnected? – Still connected, however has not ran in production in 2023

- any major problems ? NO, machine was always easily started and ran had inline production OEE figure of above 85%


ModelInline Extruder
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